I am pleased to announce Bruce Middleton gained 5Dan and Hayden McClymont gained 3 Dan on 22nd October in Christchurch. Invercargill Kendo Club members also win 3rd place in Kata (Shane Robinson and Hayden McClymont). And Veteran tournament 2nd place is Bruce Middleon.

Happy New Year 2018.

Happy New Year everyone. Hopefully everybody is having a great holiday now. Invercargill Kendo Club training will resume on 15th January, Monday 2018. During January we only train on Monday and Saturday. In this year we will have a lots of events including National Kendo Champs in Invercargill on August. We will have a great year 2018. from Tatsuya


New membership in 2017.

We are welcoming new members in 2017.

Our kendo club is always welcoming a new member. Invercargill Kendo Club have enough Kendo equipment which you can hire during training. If you are interested in learning Kendo, please contact with Tatsuya, and he will send information to you.

We plan to run introductory basic course for three month from 11th February.

We are looking forward to crossing swords with you soon.

Regards, Tatsuya