Training at IKC

Training sessions are at Southland Girls’ High School old gym and held at the following times: (SGHS OLD GYM is access through New gym entrance. Gym access is through west side gate which is Rugby park side. If you can’t find entrance please let us know.)

6:00pm-6:30pm (KIHON or Basic)

*All beginners will start to do this Kihon only. However they are recommended to stay and do MITORI GEIKO (watch and learn) at Advanced training.

6:30pm-7:30pm (Advanced)

*All BOUGU or gear worn players will join in this training. However some uniform worn players may be allowed to join in this training.

6:00pm-6:30pm (KIHON)

6:30pm-7:30pm (Advanced)

10:00am-10:30am (KIHON)

10:30am-11:30am (All)


*Kendo Kata Training: First week of Monday, following week of Thursday, next following week of Saturday.

*Shiai (Comeptition) Day: 2nd week of Monday


Membership fee:$25.00 per annual

Primary School Age

$20.00 per month (about 12-14session each month) including hiring gear.

High School Age or SIT student

$30.00 per month including hiring gear.


$40.00 per month including hiring gear.

Brothers and Sisters (School age)

It is $10.00 from second students.


Adult fee + All children’s fee is $10.00.


*Registration and sub form:

Please ask Tatsuya: